the gilbert hall school

Our client purchased a dilapidated commercial building with the intent of opening a school for children with developmental disabilities, such as autism, by mid-September of that year. With a tight schedule and even tighter budget, Alexander Elias Architecture managed a multi-phase project where each portion of the work was in a different state of simultaneous development.

This required close coordination with not only the client, but consulting engineers, contractors, and regulatory officials to ensure the successful completion of the work. The project was also unique because of the building's highly specialized usage. The specific needs of autistic children sometimes conflicted with the requirements of the building code, so a thorough understanding of each was necessary to successfully implement design solutions that met with the local building official's approval.

Project Information

Location/ Culver City, CA
Type/ Change of use from commercial to institutional building
Size/ 4,800 SF
Status/ Built in 2008
Role/ Design Architect / Architect of Record
Cost/ approx. $750,000