levi residence

The project called for the construction of a room to connect an existing residence with a guesthouse located above a detached garage. The yard between the two structures is fairly small so the addition was conceived as a"backyard" room; one closely related to the yard while still performing its required function.

The southern wall is bent in order to maintain an existing tree. The tree is both a compositional element on the facade and a functional one-- it provides shade during the warm season. The foundation wall is recessed, creating a cantilever that disrupts, and therefore softens, the impact of the 14 foot high exterior wall. The facade facing the yard is composed of large windows and doors and employs a varied palette of natural materials.

This project also represents our interest in using drawing as a tool of inquiry and not just a representational one. Spatially, the project was developed through a series of isometric drawings. The purpose of this exercise was to identify adjacent and overlapping transitional 'nodes' that connect the two existing buildings. Once identified in the drawing, these nodes were projected back onto the floor plan and sections as voids around which the enclosure was formed.

Project Information

Location/ Santa Monica, CA
Type/ Single-family addition
Size/ 250SF
Status/ Built in 2002
Role/ Design Architect / Architect of Record
Cost/ approx. $100,000