The owners of a single-story house needed to enlarge and renovate to accommodate their growing family. The program called for the addition of 600 square feet in the form of a new second floor, a renovated kitchen and associated remodeling on the first floor.

The owners have diverse personal and professional interests including science, music and film. They wanted their house to reflect their diverse and creative lives. The existing house and addition were cast as an assemblage of discrete forms under a unifying roof. The addition was located on the front of the house, opposite a neighborhood park. The owner's use their front yard as an extension of the park and neighborhood gathering place. On the second floor, a balcony with a view of the park provides a more provide version of this usage.

Project Information

Location/ Culver City, CA
Type/ Single-family remodel and addition
Size/ 2,200 SF
Status/ Built in 2010
Role/ Design Architect or Architect of Record
Cost/ approx. $350,000